Discover Your Local Pharmacy

This year’s theme is Discover Your Local Pharmacy. Even if you are a regular visitor you may be unaware of some of the support on offer. Feel free to ask for advice on any matter to do with your medicines, your health or your wellbeing.

Quiz Time!

Read the factsheet? Now take the quiz! We’ve created a quick quiz to put your knowledge to the test.

Show what you know about community pharmacy!

Question #1: How long does a pharmacist train to be qualified?


Question #2: Is it appropriate to ask your local pharmacist how to reduce your risk of heart disease?

Question #3: Can pharmacies help you quit smoking?

Question #4: Is it appropriate to ask your local pharmacist about how to reduce your risk of getting cancer?

Question #5: Do most pharmacies have somewhere private to talk to a pharmacist?

Ask Your Pharmacist, without an appointment!

What’s great is that you don’t need an appointment and, at every pharmacy, there’s a fully qualified healthcare professional and support team ready to answer questions and offer knowledgeable advice. 


We’ve created a quick-to-read Ask Your Pharmacist Week factsheet to help you learn more about your local community pharmacy.

There’s more to your local pharmacy than you might

You’d be surprised how much your local pharmacy can do for you

You might be surprised at what pharmacies now offer: personalised medicines advice, help to quit smoking and to maintain good sexual health, treatment for minor ailments, advice on preventing disease. And more.

All pharmacies offer:

  • Dispensing of Medicines
  • Personalised medicines advice
  • Disposing unwanted medicines
  • Signposting to other health and social care support
  • Advice on healthy living

Many pharmacies may also offer:

  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • Health checks for example blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Free medicines health checks on the NHS
  • Support to stop smoking
  • Weight management
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Allergy screening

Kids Colouring Book!

We’ve created a fun colouring book for kids, perfect for a rainy day. Perhaps your local pharmacy will put your artwork on display!